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Our company & About Us

A dream in our childhood.

Architecture was a passion for us beyond the childhood dreams.. 

Even though our dreams related to the planning of our own house and to make this dream in a reality had been remained on the paper,to imagine living in the houses that we planned was exhilarating us incredibly. 

We were thinking when we drew, we were drawing when we thought. 

We realised that not only to being drawn every houses which we dreamed before from its bath towards to the garden then drew on the papers; to shape the life of the people too. 

Creating extraordinary living quarters for people, shaping their life, enamouring to their buildings in which they live should be our job.

The only goal of our school years.

At the end of our childhood years that were passed with realising passion of the imaginary houses which we drew on the papers, we had only one goal that is being an architect.. 

We ought to have taken education of this job and ought to have lived for this job too.. 

We never wandered from our goal not even a moment during our education life, we have lived our each day like an architect. 

The buildings from our dreams, designing excitement from our heart never been missing. 

Our education life has been passed as if in a flight that never arrives when we fly to a destination where we really wanted to go. 

Our excitement was over, we did not have patience. 

Finally, we reached to the place that is existing in our dreams since our childhood. 

Now, we were architect indeed.

The work is in our life, our difference.

When we reached to the dream place after the years that were passed with structural design dreams then were being an architect, we had only one goal which we aimed to reach again for every project. 

Designing the extraordinary buildings. 

Producing the buildings designed with all aspects, starting from the form outgoing to the form, should have been our first difference in our country that is filled with the buildings which are conceived the exterior first then settled inside somehow. 

The great achievements and referances that are gained in a short time are proudly attested to the great difference of our works that were our childhood dream.Decoolation is a different architectural company that has been established by mutual dreams of two architects who joint their dreams and hearts first, then their goals , lifes and jobs as well.


Özgür OKÇU

Özgür Okçu who is one of co-founder of our company was born in 1978 at Munich city in Germany. 

She has completed his primary and secondary education at Hasan Ali Yücel Elementary School and İzmir Buca High School, then completed her education life with the graduation from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Design Graduate Study so, she began to work as an architect who wants to continue for ever along with the excitement of her childhood dream that aimed to realize.


Our company’s other founder, Okan Okçu was born in 1975 in Konya.. 

He has completed his primary and secondary education at Bük Şeker Elementary School, Kastamonu Anatolian High School and Kayseri Anatolian High School then, completed his higher education and master degree at the same university together with his co-founder Özgür Okçu through same majors. So, he began to work as an architect like his spouse Özgür Okçu along with the excitement of his childhood dream to realize..